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This week on the podcast we are getting you ready for Dreamforce by looking at how you can re-introduce and re-boot your Salesforce Strategy. Do you have a stalled implementation? Or maybe one that needs to be looked at with a beginner's mindset? This session is for you! Bill, as you will hear on this episode, is full of energy and enthusiasm about Salesforce and passionate about what he is working on.

More about Bill's session: Are short-sighted design decisions from 5 years ago keeping your company from fully leveraging Salesforce? Are your users constantly reaching out to you because they can't perform a simple task? Does the system seem like a burden to everyone involved instead of a time-saver? It can be hard to introduce users to a new system, but it can be even harder to re-engage them when there's a history of admin missteps. Whether you're dealing with a fixer-upper or a demo job, we'll help you understand the implications and best approaches to starting over, how to learn from past mistakes, and how to set proper expectations and re-launch Salesforce with a brand new, user-centered perspective.



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