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For this episode of the Salesforce Admins Podcast, it’s the monthly retro. In this episode, we’re grabbing a second helping of great Salesforce product, community, and careers content from November. We’re joined by Laura Pelkey, Sr. Manager, Security Customer Engagement at Salesforce.

You should subscribe for the full episode, but here are a few takeaways from our conversation between Mike and Laura.

Podcast highlights from November.

We’re just a few months out from the MFA requirement start date on Feb 1st, 2022, and as things slow down around the holidays Laura thinks it’s the perfect time to plan your MFA rollout. “I would venture that cooking a turkey is a lot harder than rolling out MFA for a lot of our customers,” she says. You can get more info about MFA in Laura’s podcast appearance with Ian Glaser last week. She also wanted to highlight Cheryl Feldman’s episode on permissions.

Blog highlights from November.

  1. Steadman put together a great post about how to ask for help when you go to the community, which is especially important now that we have the newly-revamped Trailblazer Community. You can avoid some confusion and get straight to fixing things. Laura wanted to highlight Katie Moran’s piece about approaching Salesforce with a beginner’s mindset, which took her back to her days starting out as a Salesforce admin.

Video highlights from November.

Laura points out a super helpful video from How I Solved This on how to create an app to help manage onboarding and onboarding their users. “Deactivating users is really important when you’re talking about security,” she says. Mike was a fan of J.’s video for Did You Know about updating records with a simple Flow. “It’s like the first time you cook an easy meal and feel like a chef,” he says, “maybe you only had to cut up some potatoes and a few scallions but hey, you cooked.”

The Admin Kitchen with Mike and Laura

Stay for the whole episode to hear Mike and Laura’s twists on holiday recipes, turducken, and their favorite and least favorite dishes.

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