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This week on the Salesforce Admins Podcast, it’s time for our monthly retro for September. In this episode, we celebrate State Fairs as we go over all the top Salesforce product, community, and careers content for September. We’re joined by Jennifer Lee from the Admin Evangelist team.

You should subscribe for the full episode, but here are a few takeaways from our conversation between Mike and Jennifer.
Podcast highlights from September.
Jennifer wanted to highlight our episode with Rebecca Saar to give you a behind-the-scenes look at the Admin Main Show. We put a fair amount of Easter eggs in the opening video, so take a second look if you missed them because they go by pretty quickly.

• Behind the Dreamforce Admin Main Show with Rebecca Saar

Blog highlights from September.
Jennifer, AKA, “The Blog Monster,” put out several great blog posts this month from her new home at . She’s got one covering Winter ‘22 for admins and what you should feature to your end users. There’s another one helping you get up to speed with Slack integrations and all the nifty things you can do since the acquisition. Finally, Mike was excited to hear from admins all over the world in Ella Mark’s exciting blog post.

• Jen’s Winter ’22 Salesforce Release Highlights for Admins and Users

• How Admins Can Connect Salesforce and Slack

• What Being an #AwesomeAdmin Means to Admins Around the World

Video highlights from September.
As always, you should check out the Salesforce Admins YouTube channel for How I Solved This, Did You Know, Expert Corner, No Silly Questions, and more. For Jennifer, J. Steadman’s guide to combining Slack and Workflow Builder was a major standout. There’s also a fresh video from Hayley Tuller about using Custom Metadata Types with a BANT model.

• Did You Know: Supercharge Slack with Workflow Builder

• How I Solved This: Build BANT Opportunity Scoring with Custom Metadata Types

Dreamforce highlights from the Admin team.
The main takeaway from Dreamforce was that Flow is the future. There were tons of highlights from throughout Dreamforce to show all the changes to help us move off of Process Builder and Workflow Rules and step into a new world of automation. Make sure to catch up on everything you missed on Salesforce Plus. Some highlights:

• The Admin main show

• The Dev main show

• The first Architect main show

• True to the Core

• The Platform Keynote, Platform Keynote: Create and Automate on the #1 Low-Code Platform

• The IT Leader’s Guide to the Salesforce Platform Roadmap

• Soledad O’Brien’s interview with Parker Harris

“I know there’s a lot of admins out there who have not used Flow yet,” Jennifer says, “but know that we’ll be providing content to help you along the way—you’re not on this journey alone.” 
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