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Today on the Salesforce Admins Podcast, we’re speaking with Leyla Seka. Leyla is the EVP of the Salesforce AppExchange, which she has worked on from the very beginning and has helped build from the ground up.

She’s got some great advice to share for Admins, builders, and individuals on how to be leaders in their organization. She’ll also let us in on some of the trends that she’s seen in app building and give us some tips that she has learned along her amazing path, both before and after joining Salesforce.

You should subscribe for the full episode, but here are a few takeaways from our conversation with Leyla Seka.

The future of apps.

According to Leyla, the focus on artificial intelligence is fascinating because as apps are getting smarter, it makes it easier for us to think about the data we're getting. “We should stop talking about it as data and start talking about it as information. With AI coming on board, it's not just raw data anymore; it is becoming this intuitive thing that's going to help us derive insights in a really interesting way.”

As for the next 5 to 10 years? “I see the AppExchange becoming a place with a lot more components and different types of pieces that might put together what we’ve traditionally thought of as an app container, but more about creating an interface that allows people to process information in a way that makes sense for them.”

Building apps for value.

The attitude of ‘I can build an app just to prove that there's an app that can do this’ has changed since app stores were first introduced. Leyla believes that apps are becoming a lot more practical than they have been in the past. “We're finding that apps are now really being driven by the purpose.”

In the early days of the AppExchange and the dawn of app stores, apps were often created because everyone wanted to prove that they could create something. Leyla believes that anyone can build anything if they have the right motivation and skillset. “Nowadays, it’s a matter of building apps that really are going to shift and change the way businesses and individuals are running the show,” she says.

Don’t let your internal dialogue stop you from getting what you want.

Leyla admits that she almost walked away from Salesforce because she felt like a change and didn’t know that all she needed to do was ask for the position she wanted. “I talked myself out of an opportunity that was right in front of me. All I needed to do was ask for it, and I got it!”

Leyla advises that you should be aware that you have an internal dialogue that you’re always running in the back of your head and that you should not let that stop you from getting what you want. “Have a little faith. State what you want. Just ask.”

Be true to yourself.

People need to think more about their own brand and how they present themselves at work. To Leyla, it is important to stay true to herself. Her friends are often amazed at how similar she is in her personal life to how she is in her professional life.

“I didn't want to be in an environment where I felt like I had to wear a suit or be super tight. That's not really who I am as a person.” According to Leyla, being authentic to yourself, knowing what your voice is, and not being afraid to use it are very important factors to consider for yourself.

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