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Before the calendar rolls over to June, we’re back for another special episode to recap great Salesforce content this month. This week on the Salesforce Admins Podcast, Mike and Gillian are back with the We Still Don’t Know What to Call This Episode. Seriously, help us out.

Join us as we talk about all the great Salesforce content from this month, as well as much of the content published on

You should subscribe for the full episode, but here are a few takeaways from our conversation between Mike and Gillian.

Low Code Love

Gillian hosted our LowCodeLove event, which featured many customer stories highlighting how IT leaders, admins, and developers can use low-code tools to quickly respond to business’ changing needs. We also heard from Jeff Berger, who we had on the podcast to talk about how he built an app in FIVE HOURS, got a surprise visit from Parker Harris, and had Maggie Rogers show up to share some music. 

Be an Innovator with Dynamic Pages

If you complete the new Trailmix for Be and Innovator with Dynamic Pages by June 30th, you get a special badge, so now is the time to get cracking.

Quick and Dynamic Actions

There was a lot of great content about Quick Actions and Dynamic Actions, including a blog post about how to use more Quick Actions everywhere by Jeremiah Dohn and new ways to use Dynamic Actions by Eric Shih. Behind all of it is Vin Addala, who we had on the pod and also goes by his alter ego, Vin Dynamic. Take a close look at all of these tools to reduce the visual clutter in your org and help people get things done faster than ever before.

Taking Advantage of the Salesforce Community

We had several great episodes on the pod this month that highlight the importance of the community in your Salesforce journey.

Trailhead Live!

This month, we launched the first episodes of Trailhead Live! Make sure to tune in to catch Megan Peterson and Gillian and catch up on all the great content coming into Trailhead and trivia with Marc Baizman. “I always have a Trailhead live open,” Mike says, “and I’m always popping over because there’s always new stuff there.”

The Way Back Machine

We take a look back at where we were in May 2018, 2017, 2016, and even 2014 and 2010. Check out where we were when folders and subfolders were new, and when we started the Awesome Admin movement.


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Full Show Transcript

Gillian Bruce: Welcome to the Salesforce Admins podcast, where we talk about product, community and careers to help you be an awesome admin. We are here on the, "We Still Don't Know What to Call It" episode. We still don't know what to call it, really. No one's helped us with that.

Mike Gerholdt: It's still the thing. We're not sure to call. Still unsure.

Gillian Bruce: Okay. Well, here we go. This is the third episode of the, We Still Don't Know What to Call It episode. And I'm Gillian Bruce.

Mike Gerholdt: I'm Mike Gerholdt. At least I think so.

Gillian Bruce: It's hard to tell these days.

Mike Gerholdt: We don't know what to call it. I think, maybe, nobody's telling us what to call it because they like that we still don't know what to call it episode.

Gillian Bruce: You might be right. You might be right. It's like the Boaty McGoatface of podcasts.

Mike Gerholdt: Right. Boaty McGoatface. Did you say Boaty McGoatface? Yes.

Gillian Bruce: Was it? Isn't that...

Mike Gerholdt: I think it's Boaty McBoatface.

Gillian Bruce: McBoatface. Sorry.

Mike Gerholdt: Yes. All the boats.

Gillian Bruce: In Salesforce-

Mike Gerholdt: Got goats.

Gillian Bruce: ... landing-

Mike Gerholdt: Got goats.

Gillian Bruce: Yeah.

Mike Gerholdt: I got a goat problem.

Gillian Bruce: I have cloudy goats on the brain. Yeah.

Mike Gerholdt: Right. Don't we all?

Gillian Bruce: Speaking of Salesforce landing and cloudy and goats, we had a lot of content that cloudy would be especially excited about that we produced in May.

Mike Gerholdt: We did a lot in May. We had a lot of fun. Much like we're having a lot of fun on this episode. We had a lot of fun in May.

Gillian Bruce: We sure did. You shared those lists with me of all of the things that you gathered from what our team put out in May. I was like "Wait, that was one month? Oh my goodness."

Mike Gerholdt: I was tired making the list. I had to take a nap. I had to pause, take a nap while making the list, get back up, keep making the list. That's how long the list was.

Gillian Bruce: Well, I'm glad that you pushed through it and made the list.

Mike Gerholdt: It could be hard sometimes making list.

Gillian Bruce: You know.

Mike Gerholdt: I feel like we're all good list makers now though, right?

Gillian Bruce: Well, yeah.

Mike Gerholdt: Maybe some of us more so than others.

Gillian Bruce: I feel like I start a lot of lists. Now, if I ever do anything with them or actually cross them off, I'll go into my notes app sometimes on my phone and just discover to-do lists from two years ago that I never completed.

Mike Gerholdt: Yeah. I know.

Gillian Bruce: It's great. Getting back to the list-

Mike Gerholdt: More list of ideas. List of ideas. Those are always fun. That sounds like a totally good idea.

Gillian Bruce: Right.

Mike Gerholdt: Yeah.

Gillian Bruce: At a moment of inspiration and-

Mike Gerholdt: Yeah.

Gillian Bruce: ... it just sat there.

Mike Gerholdt: I created a list, list of lists.

Gillian Bruce: Well, admins like list view. Here we go.

Mike Gerholdt: They do. Right.

Gillian Bruce: Now that I'm viewing this list, the first thing on the list is the ... You talk about fun. Man, we had a lot of fun with this. The Low Code Love event on May 7th. Wow.

Mike Gerholdt: Gillian, you were the MC. I got to do some customer interviews. It was a lot of fun to watch as well. It was fun to do in the moment and see it all come together, and then day of, it was a lot of fun to watch.

Gillian Bruce: Well, that's good because I didn't really get to watch it.

Mike Gerholdt: Yeah, I know.

Gillian Bruce: I watched it after the fact.

Mike Gerholdt: You sort of did. You were very participatory in the watching.

Gillian Bruce: I was. I watched myself on my own monitor-

Mike Gerholdt: Right.

Gillian Bruce: ... like whatever the feed was picking up, but yeah. Mike, you, of course, are an expert customer interviewer.

Mike Gerholdt: Yeah.

Gillian Bruce: You've had what, like 10 years of practice running a podcast.

Mike Gerholdt: Sure. Yeah.

Gillian Bruce: It was fun. It was so cool to see everything come together. It's the first time we did anything like this. We learned a lot in the process, but we did. We had a ton of fun. Some amazing customer stories in there. We got Jeff Berger story in there who you interviewed on the podcast.

Mike Gerholdt: Yeah. Yeah. It was good to see him visually explain his story.

Gillian Bruce: Yeah. It was like what, he built an app in what, five hours? Was that-

Mike Gerholdt: Something like that. Yeah.

Gillian Bruce: Yeah.

Mike Gerholdt: Over the weekend. Just ridiculous timeframe.

Gillian Bruce: He's just like "Sure. I'll build this. I got it. No problem."

Mike Gerholdt: Yeah, "No problem. It's Friday afternoon. I got nothing else going on."

Gillian Bruce: "I got some awesome admin skills."

Mike Gerholdt: "We're going to roll this out Sunday evening. You bet. No problem." Boom. Done. Water off a Duck's back.

Gillian Bruce: Seriously. A bit like his story. What the mayor of Palm Coast with Steve Harris who helped build the solution there.

Mike Gerholdt: Yeah. Yeah.

Gillian Bruce: We had Amber Boaz on, too, talking about how excited she is about dynamic pages and some of the stuff there. Some really cool customers, right? I got to talk about what you see Berkeley did with one of their labs to help supply COVID testing to firefighters. Actually, I'm wearing my Cal shirt today. I got Go Bears pride.

Mike Gerholdt: Of course. Sure. We had the Low Code Lounge, right? That was fun.

Gillian Bruce: Yeah.

Mike Gerholdt: There's a lot of people joining in the Low Code Lounge, [Squire] Kershner.

Gillian Bruce: Squire Christian was in there. We had Christie who is another fellow podcaster.

Mike Gerholdt: Yes.

Gillian Bruce: [Hewitt] podcast, Christie Campbell.

Mike Gerholdt: Exactly. Yeah.

Gillian Bruce: We even had a high school student in there, Shaborn Allah, who is from Pi-TaP, which is an awesome organization. He joined from Boston. We had a surprise in there. Parker Harris dipped in the Low Code Lounge. We had a lot of fun. Parker spent the whole broadcast talking to and connecting to all the people on Low Code Lounge and learning more about their stories, which was really cool.

Mike Gerholdt: Yeah. Yeah. I was a little jealous when I saw Parker come in. Mostly because he has some of the best intro where he would just float in to the screen. It was great. I thought, when they went away to do something else, I was like "I bet Parker is engaging with every single one of those people." I want that recording to go live.

Gillian Bruce: I'm sure it exists somewhere, but yeah, we had a lot of fun. Parker was totally game to play. Actually, he got jealous because I had a light up Marquee.

Mike Gerholdt: Sure.

Gillian Bruce: He had his son. One of his sons come in like set up a light show behind him, but it was so bright in his shot. You couldn't even see it, but he was very jealous. Parker loves the fun.

Mike Gerholdt: Yeah.

Gillian Bruce: We got Brett and Sarah doing the main show and Maggie Rogers showing up to sing us some incredible songs.

Mike Gerholdt: Yes.

Gillian Bruce: We had the AMA with a zillion of our amazing product managers. It was awesome. We had some slight technical issues, but you know what, we had more viewers than we could have even imagined. Understandably, things were going to ... we get tested and crashed a little.

Mike Gerholdt: Right. Yeah.

Gillian Bruce: We recovered.

Mike Gerholdt: Exactly. It was a lot of fun. It was a lot of fun.

Gillian Bruce: Yeah. If you want to watch it, it's available on Trailhead Live. It's also available on Salesforce Live. You can go back and watch the uninterrupted version. If you catch it on Facebook Live or Twitter, the feed on there, you'll see that I actually missed your live queue.

Mike Gerholdt: It's okay.

Gillian Bruce: Sarah and I were talking about her hair. That's great.

Mike Gerholdt: That's okay. You also hosted Bingo. You had like a live whiteboard that would come in. That was some good that-

Gillian Bruce: I still got the whiteboard.

Mike Gerholdt: I'm still laughing.

Gillian Bruce: I still got it. We had a lot of Bingo winners.

Mike Gerholdt: Sure.

Gillian Bruce: There's a lot of Bingo names on air.

Mike Gerholdt: Yeah. That's okay. That's how it works. It's good. It's good.

Gillian Bruce: Now, I have a whiteboard in my house.

Mike Gerholdt: Right. Because ... whiteboards.

Gillian Bruce: Why not.

Mike Gerholdt: In addition to Low Code Love, we also had, Be an Innovator with Dynamic Pages launch on I think it was really cool. The page actually directs down to You could watch the videos and engage right there. That's some magic that Rebecca Saar did.

Gillian Bruce: Yeah, and Vin Addala who's on the podcast, because he is the PM that helped create an ... his team basically built this new, amazing dynamic pages experience. It's totally re-engineered from the ground up, which was why it took a while. We had some Leanne magic in those videos as well.

Mike Gerholdt: Yeah, who was also in Low Code Love.

Gillian Bruce: It sure was. She sure was. Yes. She sure was. Yeah. If you complete the trail mix for Be an Innovator by June 30th and something cool happens.

Mike Gerholdt: I think you get a badge.

Gillian Bruce: You get a badge. That's what you get.

Mike Gerholdt: Yeah.

Gillian Bruce: I wrote down the date and I forgot to write down the-

Mike Gerholdt: That's okay.

Gillian Bruce: Yeah.

Mike Gerholdt: It's-

Gillian Bruce: It's May 74th, right?

Mike Gerholdt: It's May 74th. That's right. March 82nd. If you missed either of those, the links to watch them, we'll include it in the show notes because sometimes I can't keep up with me.

Gillian Bruce: Well, especially these days.

Mike Gerholdt: Right. We haven't-

Gillian Bruce: We've been making list [exhaustia 00:08:55].

Mike Gerholdt: Exactly. Well, it's important. Naps are important. Blogs-

Gillian Bruce: Yes, as I've learned from my son.

Mike Gerholdt: Yeah, I know. See, kid's got it figured out. Like pre five, wake up, eat, crawl around a little bit, nap. That's-

Gillian Bruce: Eat again. Yeah.

Mike Gerholdt: Eat again. Yeah.

Gillian Bruce: Nap again. Yeah.

Mike Gerholdt: Nap.

Gillian Bruce: They got the life.

Mike Gerholdt: Priorities. Priorities. They're not making lists. He's just got the list in his head.

Gillian Bruce: Yeah. It's very few things on there.

Mike Gerholdt: Okay. Other things that, maybe, you didn't miss, again, we don't know what to call this episode. We're just going to go through some content, tell you all the awesome stuff that was out there that you need to follow up on, read about. Let's talk about accelerate adoption using quick actions everywhere. It's community post by Jeremiah Dohn. I like that. We had that come out in May.

Gillian Bruce: Jeremiah is-

Mike Gerholdt: Early part of May.

Gillian Bruce: ... awesome.

Mike Gerholdt: He is. He's presented at DreamForce, I feel a few times.

Gillian Bruce: At least, yeah. Yeah. His post is great. Quick Actions are super useful.

Mike Gerholdt: I use Quick Actions a lot. I use them very quickly.

Gillian Bruce: Do you?

Mike Gerholdt: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Gillian Bruce: Do you use them while drinking Nestle Quick?

Mike Gerholdt: Maybe.

Gillian Bruce: I don't know why that popped in my head. Anyway-

Mike Gerholdt: That's Nestle Quick. It's smooth. It's chocolatey. It's milk. It's wonderful.

Gillian Bruce: It's got a bunny on it. I don't know.

Mike Gerholdt: Yeah. I think, was it Yoohoo that competes with Nestle Quick?

Gillian Bruce: Yeah.

Mike Gerholdt: Yeah.

Gillian Bruce: Yeah.

Mike Gerholdt: Yoohoo.

Gillian Bruce: What's the difference between those and Ovaltine? I've never understood the difference between. To be clear, I haven't really drank any of them, so I don't know.

Mike Gerholdt: Well, doesn't Ovaltine help you with your regularity and your fiber?

Gillian Bruce: I don't know.

Mike Gerholdt: Maybe it's-

Gillian Bruce: Isn't that Metamucil?

Mike Gerholdt: Well, that could be.

Gillian Bruce: Sorry everyone.

Mike Gerholdt: I feel like there's also a comedian that has a bit about Ovaltine. Like why doesn't it come in an oval box for an Ovaltine.

Gillian Bruce: That would make sense.

Mike Gerholdt: Yeah. It's called, Ovaltine. We didn't talk about Quick Actions at all during that. We talked about Ovaltine and Yoohoo and Nestle quick and yet, somebody is still listening, hanging on by a thread that something important is coming up next.

Gillian Bruce: I bet they're finding some chocolate milk somewhere.

Mike Gerholdt: Who doesn't want chocolate milk now? I do.

Gillian Bruce: Yeah, not me. Good.

Mike Gerholdt: Yeah.

Gillian Bruce: Chocolate, yes. Anyway, we also had another great blog post about dynamic actions in app builder.

Mike Gerholdt: Yes. Yes.

Gillian Bruce: It very well paired with the dynamic pages feature that is now available for folks to use. Another amazing admin tool.

Mike Gerholdt: Vin Addala used to work on dynamic actions.

Gillian Bruce: That makes sense.

Mike Gerholdt: I remember because he's very dynamic. He's the captain dynamic or Vin Dynamic as I call him.

Gillian Bruce: Vin Dynamic.

Mike Gerholdt: Vin Dynamic. I think taking a step back and looking at this and then reflecting back on the podcast, which totally listened to from Vin on top of the fact that he has a million games in the background. In perspective, seeing what we can do now that was only pie in the sky when I was an admin in like 2008, I remember starting a sentence with, "Wouldn't it be great if this field would appear when I check this box?" Now, it's like "Yeah, no problem. Done."

Gillian Bruce: "We got this."

Mike Gerholdt: "We got that. What else you got?" I'll equate it to, I don't know if you've ever driven one of those cars that has the progressive or something cruise control where you set the cruise control and then it has a radar and it senses if it's behind another vehicle and it slows down. It's amazing.

Gillian Bruce: Whoa, that's fancy.

Mike Gerholdt: Yeah. It's really cool. I feel like that's where we're at, right? We're right on the verge of self-driving cars because they're pretty spatially aware. Now, we're starting to get to the point where pages are like, you ask a question like "I wonder if it could ... Yeah, that's no problem. I can do that." You're like, "Yeah, what other problems you got?"

Gillian Bruce: "Bring it. I got this."

Mike Gerholdt: "Bring it. I got this."

Gillian Bruce: It's so cool because it really helps reduce the number of profiles that you need to do. It's such a better experience.

Mike Gerholdt: Well, you got perm sets now.

Gillian Bruce: Yeah.

Mike Gerholdt: Come on. I got two or three profiles I can set up and then I can just perm set away.

Gillian Bruce: Yeah. Being able to do these, basically set the visibility and the response of individual on the field level of pages and even the action. It helps reduce a lot of the overhead and technical debt for an admin, right?

Mike Gerholdt: Yeah. Also, the visual clutter.

Gillian Bruce: Yes.

Mike Gerholdt: That was one thing that I remember getting pinged a lot as an admin. You'd have to have all these forms and fields that people required because eight steps into a sales process, this field had to be filled out and users were constantly, "Why do I have to look at it for the first seven?" Because "Hey, look at the lunch menu came out." That is, literally, every conversation I had. Now, it's like "Yeah, you don't." Because when we get to the stage or when you complete this field now, boom, I can make that appear and then it's gone. You can still report on it. It's that visual clutter that I don't have to deal with as a user. I'm moving through the information faster and in a very prescriptive way, right? I love it.

Gillian Bruce: If only I could have something like that for my house to reduce the visual clutter, that'd be fantastic.

Mike Gerholdt: Yeah.

Gillian Bruce: Anyway, moving on. We had a lot of podcasts come out this month. We talked about the Vin Addala podcast, which is great. People should listen to it and they can watch it on Trailhead Live. It actually aired right after the Low Code Love event ended-

Mike Gerholdt: On Trailhead Live, yes.

Gillian Bruce: ... the Broadcast Eight, yeah, ended. It's there for everybody to look at, but we also had the last episode of the Salesforce for good series that our amazing colleague, Marc Baizman, hosted featuring Ryan Ozimek.

Mike Gerholdt: Yeah. Ryan is a return guest. I remember speaking with Ryan at one of the Washington D.C. world tour stops. We recorded an episode out there. Good to have him back. That was a fun series, Gillian. We launched that series while you are gone. It wrapped up. Instead of pushing it all six episodes at once, we spread it out over time. There's two theories. You can either just drop everything and make people binge listened to it or the oldschool way of radio. It comes out every week or every month.

Gillian Bruce: Sprinkle a little good throughout the year.

Mike Gerholdt: Sprinkle, yeah. Exactly.

Gillian Bruce: It's good.

Mike Gerholdt: Yeah. Six months of good. That was fun. Gillian, you interviewed Eve Stewart on-

Gillian Bruce: She was awesome.

Mike Gerholdt: Yeah. That was a fun episode as well.

Gillian Bruce: Yeah. She's another amazing member of our Salesforce military community. She's just got a really great perspective on how to take hold of tough problems. Literally, we titled the episode, "Get Out of Your Own Way."

Mike Gerholdt: Right.

Gillian Bruce: Really, what she talks about is, "Hey, when you got a tough problem, don't make a mountain out of a molehill even though it may seem like it's" ... I don't know.

Mike Gerholdt: A mountain.

Gillian Bruce: What's the tallest mountain? Mount Everest.

Mike Gerholdt: Sure.

Gillian Bruce: You're not going to get anywhere if you keep thinking about it. You just got to sit down in a room, start mapping it out, tackle it out. She talks a lot about that. It was great to be able to connect with her and share that with the community. We've got some really good responses, too, in social, which is great.

Mike Gerholdt: Yeah. I got to speak with Eric Prod who was amazing to interview. It's always great to see when you log into the Trailblazer Community, all of the faces of the people who answer and then to get them on a call and be able to pick their brain. It was fun to talk with Eric and have him walk through his thinking and his process for, "I'm really going to solve this. I'm really going to take this on this way." It goes back to what we mentioned earlier with dynamic forms and dynamic actions, right? Reducing your technical debt. If you can build it now, once correctly and with a solid foundation, you're setting yourself up for success later on. I think, that, to me, was a huge takeaway from Eric's podcast.

Gillian Bruce: Yeah. It's so fun because again, like you said, putting a voice behind those leaders on the answers community. All of us are pretty familiar with Steve Moe, but there are some amazing other people on there who answer almost as many questions.

Mike Gerholdt: Yes.

Gillian Bruce: Eric has helped out hundreds and hundreds of folks. It was really fun to connect with him and put a voice behind those written answers.

Mike Gerholdt: Absolutely. In addition to that, holy cow, there was a lot that happened on Trailhead Live.

Gillian Bruce: So much. Trailhead Live is on fire right now.

Mike Gerholdt: It is.

Gillian Bruce: It is so cool.

Mike Gerholdt: It is. First thing that I saw launch was, Trailhead News launched. Gillian, I think, you were on the first episode.

Gillian Bruce: I was. The one and only amazing Meagan Petersen, a.k.a Ranger Megan, who based in Sydney launched this. She is one of the driest, funniest news anchors I think I have ever seen. She makes it so fun. She puts together all the content and episodes herself. When you see something fun, that's Megan right there.

Mike Gerholdt: Yeah.

Gillian Bruce: She had so much fun. There's two episodes out now. The first one was great. I got to be her first test interviewer. If you watch it, you'll notice that we were trying to figure some things out, but it turned out pretty fun.

Mike Gerholdt: Yeah. No, I thought it was good. It's fun because interacting now is like well, we can't just sit down and film this of course, right?

Gillian Bruce: Yeah. There's like zoom background and activity and then looking-

Mike Gerholdt: Right.

Gillian Bruce: ... away from the camera to make it look like you're looking at the person even though this is-

Mike Gerholdt: Sure.

Gillian Bruce: Anyway, it was really fun. Marc Baizman was actually on the second episode talking about some great admin tips.

Mike Gerholdt: Yeah.

Gillian Bruce: It's fun. It's on Trailhead Live. You can find it. I highly recommend if you need a little levity in your day. It's also a great way to catch up on all the things that are ... like the new content coming on Trailhead, events, all kinds of great ... it is the Trailhead News. There you go.

Mike Gerholdt: What you're saying is, listening to Trailhead News is like listening to the, what do we call this episode for the podcast.

Gillian Bruce: Yeah. Except it might be a little more visually interesting because she does production and the last one had a video of goats gone wild, which was exciting.

Mike Gerholdt: Jeepers. Okay. Wow. It's not a competition, but it is.

Gillian Bruce: Hey, we're a podcast first. There you go.

Mike Gerholdt: Yes, we are. We're a podcast?

Gillian Bruce: Sorry folks. We're a podcast first.

Mike Gerholdt: That is the next shirt we got to have come out. We're a podcast first. Fun.

Gillian Bruce: Yeah.

Mike Gerholdt: Marc Baizman was on Trailhead Live and he did awesome admin trivia, which I saw the tweets around. I think that's so much fun. We've internally played with that app before on team meetings and it's highly competitive. I could not imagine what it would be like competing against some of our admins in the community. Holy cow.

Gillian Bruce: I think I would lose.

Mike Gerholdt: Yeah.

Gillian Bruce: For sure, I'd lose.

Mike Gerholdt: Yeah. I was impressed by the scores.

Gillian Bruce: Well, and what's fun is this app is actually built on Salesforce.

Mike Gerholdt: Yeah.

Gillian Bruce: Kevin Portman, developer of AngelList created this and Marc has taken it and customized it for admins. It's pretty fun because it's like something else that is used for online quizzes.

Mike Gerholdt: Sure.

Gillian Bruce: It's on Salesforce, which is really fun.

Mike Gerholdt: Right. Way more fun than that.

Gillian Bruce: Way more.

Mike Gerholdt: Perhaps, maybe you're watching a video version of the podcast on Trailhead Live. We launched that with Vin. Yes. Right.

Gillian Bruce: Hi there.

Mike Gerholdt: Yeah. Here's what you get in the video only version. See, now, you got to watch the video only version just to know what that part was because we can't tell you. We had Vin Addala on. For June, which is coming up, last I checked ...

Gillian Bruce: Although it is May 82nd.

Mike Gerholdt: March 82nd. All of the PM's that are on the podcast for June, we're also going to rebroadcast as video on Trailhead Live. Gillian, you're going to thankfully do the intro of that because we're a podcast first.

Gillian Bruce: We're a podcast first.

Mike Gerholdt: Nobody needs me to do the intro. No. I'm-

Gillian Bruce: Yeah. People are just busy in a lot of this.

Mike Gerholdt: Yeah. Right. It's Gillian and welcome to the Gillian show. That's cool. I literally have a tab open of the hundred tabs. I always have a Trailhead Live tab open. I'm always popping over because there's always new stuff there. They have a little feature area and stuff that I can catch up on. Thankfully, I can watch. I was able to catch the Trailhead News even though I missed it when it went live. I think that's really neat.

Gillian Bruce: We do things like AMAs too. I did a couple of AMAs, this ... I think that was this month too. I totally forgot about that. It's so much content, but we did like-

Mike Gerholdt: So much.

Gillian Bruce: ... just a general admin AMA that I did live on Trailhead. We did AMA with Vin Addala just recently where we answered some questions about dynamic pages. He actually showed us to, specifically, several of his board games, which was fun. We answered questions live that were coming in the feed. Fun fact, I actually went to the command line to make the Skype to OBS integration work, which it didn't work perfectly. We're going to get better for next time, but it's the only way we were able to live feed two videos and slides the same time on OBS. It's very exciting.

Mike Gerholdt: You fancy, command line and all.

Gillian Bruce: Yeah. Well, you know.

Mike Gerholdt: Okay. Yeah.

Gillian Bruce: We're all turning into our own production assistants, right?

Mike Gerholdt: Yeah, I know. Send you a bill for the producer. Let's see, making this list. Boy, there's a lot on it. The one fun thing that I always like to, as we wrap up this episode is the Wayback machine, which of course you have a better ... looking back at things, content that we had produced in the previous years or blog posts, it seems to be very relevant. Two years ago, we had summer 18 release notes. I put, most notably, folders and sub folders, which I remember this was one blog post that Marc worked on that he was so excited about sub folders in reports.

Gillian Bruce: Well, people have been asking for it for so long. It was so cool to be able to look at that.

Mike Gerholdt: Sure. I need more folders. I need folders with folders.

Gillian Bruce: Well, you got to organize all those amazing reports and dashboards in a way that works.

Mike Gerholdt: Right.

Gillian Bruce: Yeah, I do remember that very vividly as well.

Mike Gerholdt: Summer 18. Three years ago, we had a blog post magic components with Michael Gonzalez.

Gillian Bruce: Magic.

Mike Gerholdt: Magic.

Gillian Bruce: A.k.a. lightning components.

Mike Gerholdt: Lightning. I feel like that was also when we do the ... was it the lightening now tour? Is that what we call that?

Gillian Bruce: Yeah. Yeah.

Mike Gerholdt: Yeah. I had to do-

Gillian Bruce: This is who you're going all around the world, helping people-

Mike Gerholdt: All around.

Gillian Bruce: ... learn about lightning and how to transition to it. It was actually really fun.

Mike Gerholdt: Was it Michael Gonzales that I did the Indianapolis stop with and maybe he almost missed his flight.

Gillian Bruce: You're going to have to do it all by yourself?

Mike Gerholdt: No. Missed his flight home, thankfully.

Gillian Bruce: Missed his flight home. Okay.

Mike Gerholdt: Yeah, because of traffic.

Gillian Bruce: There you go.

Mike Gerholdt: I just remember I had to-

Gillian Bruce: We got him on the podcast. That's good.

Mike Gerholdt: We did. Yeah. Didn't miss his flight at all. Four years ago, we were talking about having a messy org, spring cleaning.

Gillian Bruce: No messy orgs? Yeah.

Mike Gerholdt: No spring cleaning, but this was a guest post by Kansas City user group leader, Dale Ziegler who-

Gillian Bruce: Dale. He was in the first ever admin keynote.

Mike Gerholdt: He was, and he was also one of the people that put me in contact with Jeffrey Berger, who was the academy bank admin. I was reading through this and you know what, it may be a few years old, it still always applies, right? Like too many profiles. What were we just talking about, to make profiles.

Gillian Bruce: We just talked about that. Yeah.

Mike Gerholdt: Stuff goes on forever and ever.

Gillian Bruce: It's like the Marie Kondo of Salesforce orgs.

Mike Gerholdt: Well, I feel like, yes, I'm sure that'll come up in one of our Wayback machines. Gillian, we were talking before we pressed record, I feel like May is like the anniversary month of the admin relations team.

Gillian Bruce: 100%. So many things have happened in May. Six years ago, Mike, you officially joined the team, which-

Mike Gerholdt: I did. That was fun.

Gillian Bruce: You are the first ever admin of AngelList.

Mike Gerholdt: Yeah.

Gillian Bruce: Because we basically took all of your button click admin work and we're like "Cool."

Mike Gerholdt: Sure.

Gillian Bruce: Just bring it over to Salesforce because-

Mike Gerholdt: Yeah. Done.

Gillian Bruce: ... we want to do that.

Mike Gerholdt: Yeah.

Gillian Bruce: Yeah. It really is the launch of the official awesome admin movement in a lot of ways. I think that's when we first launched the newsletter. I think that's when we came up with the whole like "All right, we're going to do something at DreamForce." We have no idea what it is. It has now evolved into the admin meadow.

Mike Gerholdt: We started-

Gillian Bruce: Yes.

Mike Gerholdt: Yeah. We started world tour stuff.

Gillian Bruce: Yeah.

Mike Gerholdt: I remember we had one of our breakouts at a world tour and world tour after world tour, so it began.

Gillian Bruce: Yeah. It's amazing, amazing journey. 10 years ago.

Mike Gerholdt: 10 years ago.

Gillian Bruce: Way, way back.

Mike Gerholdt: Yeah. A whole decade, a whole decade ago.

Gillian Bruce: Decade of my life, I've been part of Salesforce. Yes, I joined Salesforce 10 years ago in May. Crazy.

Mike Gerholdt: Wow.

Gillian Bruce: Crazy.

Mike Gerholdt: All right. That was it. That's our, what do we call it episode.

Gillian Bruce: There it is.

Mike Gerholdt: We're open to suggestions on what we should call it. Otherwise, we'll just keep calling it ... We're not really sure what we're going to call it episode, but it's a lot of fun.

Gillian Bruce: It is.

Mike Gerholdt: We'll do one in June.

Gillian Bruce: I had fun. I can't wait to do it again.

Mike Gerholdt: If you want to learn about all things, Salesforce Admin, go to to find more resources. Of course, a reminder, if you love what you hear and I mean, who doesn't, go on over to iTunes-

Gillian Bruce: Clearly, this is the best content ever.

Mike Gerholdt: All the stars.

Gillian Bruce: Best episode ever.

Mike Gerholdt: All the stars. Honestly, if you do go over to iTunes and you give us a review, it helps more Salesforce Admins find that content. That's why we're here. I do promise that I read the reviews. I check them. I send them to the team. I love seeing new stuff. Please post that. You can stay up-to-date with us on all things admin on social. We are @salesforceadmins, no I on Twitter. Of course, you can find me. I am @mikegerholdt and Gillian?

Gillian Bruce: @gilliankbruce.

Mike Gerholdt: Stay tuned for our next episode.

Gillian Bruce: We'll catch you next time in the cloud.

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