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Today on the Salesforce Admins Podcast we’re speaking with Erik Peterson, Awesome Admin at Tuff Shed. And Juan Ruiz CIO at Tuff Shed.

Join us to learn about how to make time for yourself to keep on learning, how you can get conversations about Salesforce started, and using Trailhead to make code less intimidating and help you troubleshoot problems.

You should subscribe for the full episode, but here are a few takeaways from our conversation with Scott Luikart.

Plan, People, Process

It takes all three. Tuffshed had a great rollout plan, they had great people, and management had a great process. The three were combined to help make their launch of Salesforce successful.

With Lightning they could train once and have the same experience from mobile to desktop.

It's all about Trailhead

For Erik it all started with Trailhead and learning. Going to Trailhead to validate what they had done and where he can learn more about additional features they are looking to implement.

The podcast also helped Erik get inspired about new features and hear inspiring stories about other admins and how they are rolling out Lightning.

Curiosity was key 

As Erik would find features he would bring them to the attention of Juan for exec buy in and rollout. Which helped with adoption. It became a challenge for Erik to find new features they could rollout in Lightning.

How does Erik make time for learning and exploring? Salesforce Saturday! It was a great way for Erik to find time when other family members were busy to stay learning and stay curious. To solve problems Erik takes a Lightning first approach.

How do you hire another Erik?

Erik has a heart for his customer. If you don't have a heart for the customer Juan thinks you will be a poor Admin. You have to be curious. Look for solutions that drive your motivations- like having a heart for the customer. If you are curious then the learning coming naturally.


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