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Today on the Salesforce Admins Podcast, we’re coming with the first of a special two-part episode, live from TrailheaDX. We sit down with LaRon Butler, Technical Account Manager at Litify, and Kelley Babbs, Technology Director at Blue Star Families, to talk about entering the Salesforce ecosystem, how to capitalize on the skills you already have, and changing careers.

Join us as we talk about the power of community supporting each other, how VetForce helped them build a career in Salesforce, and the challenges they faced along the way.

You should subscribe for the full episode, but here are a few takeaways from our conversation with LaRon Butler and Kelley Babbs.

Wish fulfillment through Salesforce.

Growing up, LaRon dreamed of becoming a radio broadcaster, and we’re happy to give her a little wish fulfillment by bringing her on the pod. In the meantime, LaRon joined the Army in 1998, “and I pretty much spent most of my adult life working and serving in the military in one capacity or the other,” she says. “More recently, I decided it was time for a career change.” She got back from Korea in 2016 and tried to get into sales. She had a background in IT as a system admin and, because she spent a few years in real estate, she realized she needed to update her skills, and all of her research pointed towards Salesforce.

“I kept calling Salesforce over and over until someone returned my call,” LaRon says, “I kept seeing courses online and all I wanted to know was if I could use my GI Bill to take the classes.” When she heard back the rep told her about a free program called VetForce. “Once I got certified in October, 2018, I went to my first job fair the next day,” she says, and also ended up connecting with the Merivis Foundation, which has supported her through forty-plus interviews (!).

Building a career that can move with you.

Kelley, on the other hand, always wanted to be the first female president. She also spent time serving in the Army, both directly and as a military spouse, which meant a lot of moving. “I kept trying to reinvent myself every time we moved somewhere,” she says, doing everything from teaching to being a cable installer. She had a teaching gig lined up in Massachusetts when they got orders to relocate to Texas, which meant she needed all sorts of additional training to be able to teach again. “I felt defeated,” she says, “I was like, ‘when am I going to have a career?’”

Kelley reached out to someone she knew at Blue Star Families to see if they had any volunteer opportunities. Instead, she was encouraged to apply for a role where she could spend a year learning Salesforce part-time from home. She started out working with a Certified Admin, but when they moved to a different role the job fell to her—another accidental admin. She needed help, and that’s when she came across VetForce. She passed her certification in 2016 and her role just kept growing with the organization.

Learning Salesforce step-by-step.

One of the first things LaRon built was an app to help her with her real estate transactions. “I got the idea from some people who kept saying, ‘Build something that means something to you,’” she says. For Kelley, she needed to tweak an object in Blue Star’s org that didn’t use contact data correctly. She was able to make a small tweak that eliminated tons of manual labor, which so clearly demonstrated just how powerful Salesforce could be.

For LaRon, the main challenge with learning the platform was taking use cases and putting them into practice. “That’s why it was important for me to get to work,” she says, “not only to pay the bills but to really showcase my talent and my mind.” For Kelley, it was validation rules. “But also, just knowing that I didn’t have to know everything,” she says, “you just have to know where to find it, you don’t necessarily have to know the answer.” You can always reach out to the community for help, whether it’s VetForce, the Success Community, or just your friends, “and that makes you feel comfortable enough to not feel like you have to know it all.”



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Full Show Transcript

Gillian Bruce: Welcome to the Salesforce Admins Podcast, where we talk about product, community, and careers to help you become a more awesome Salesforce admin. I'm Gillian Bruce, and today, listeners, we have a very special episode coming in for you. This is a live episode that we recorded at TrailheaDX just a few weeks ago. It's the first of two episodes that we are splitting this live session into, because we had so much great content, so much great conversation.

Gillian Bruce: I wanted to focus the first part of this series on talking about some special stories of entering the Salesforce ecosystem, realizing how to capitalize on skills that you already have, and changing careers basically midpoint later on. After you've already had one career, how do you create another? And in order to talk about these amazing topics, I had the incredible LaRon Butler and Kelley Babbs join me. They are both members of the Vetforce ecosystem.

Gillian Bruce: LaRon Butler is actually newly a Technical Account Manager at Litify. She just started that position not long after this interview, in this interview she had not yet secured a role. So you're going to hear her at an exciting time in her life. And we had Kelley Babbs, who's the Technology Director at Blue Star Families, which is an amazing organization that helps serve the military community.

Gillian Bruce: Definitely enjoy listening to these interviews, we had a lot of fun talking with the both of them on stage at TrailheaDX, and I hope that you can listen to some really great tips and some really great insights about switching your career.

Gillian Bruce: Welcome to the Salesforce Admins Podcast, where we talk about products, community, and careers to help you be a more Awesome Admin. I'm Gillian Bruce. Today we are live from TrailheaDX 19 here in Moscone Center in San Francisco. Everybody excited to be here?

Gillian Bruce: Excellent. We're joined by some amazing listeners who are here in the room, we're going to have some fun today. We have some amazing guests to bring up to share their stories and talk about being an Awesome Admin. They happen to be two amazing Vetforce stories as well, so shoutout to Vetforce, all the Vetforce people.

Gillian Bruce: So my first guest that I want to introduce is LaRon Butler. LaRon, come on up.

Gillian Bruce: Lauren is an amazing Awesome Admin. She is early in her admin career, and we're going to hear a lot more about your story in just a minute. Welcome to the podcast.

LaRon Butler: Thank you for having me.

Gillian Bruce: Yeah, talk into the mic. We've got two mics going on, it's a complicated process. As long as this one records, we're good.

LaRon Butler: Okay. Can you hear me?

Gillian Bruce: Yeah, speak up a little. We also have some water down here. Our next guest we're going to introduce is Director of Technology at the Blue Star Families, and she also started her career as an Awesome Admin. Please welcome Kelley Babbs. Kelley, welcome to the podcast.

Kelley Babbs: Thank you for having me.

Gillian Bruce: So glad to have you here. Ladies, thank you so much for joining me in this live session, I know this is a little different than just doing a normal podcast recording, in private, safe space. You're still in a very safe space, with lots of friends ... friends, supporters, listeners of the podcast.

Gillian Bruce: So, having the both of you up here, I want to share a little bit about your stories. LaRon, I'd love to start a little bit with you. You guys know the first question, right? What did you want to be when you grew up, LaRon?

LaRon Butler: So, for all my New Yorkers out there, and for everyone who watches daytime TV, Wendy Williams was the best radio host in the New York City area, and I used to want to be a radio broadcaster.

Gillian Bruce: Well, here you are, you're radio broadcast broadcaster now. Congratulations.

LaRon Butler: Thank you. I finally get to do it, I finally get to do it.

Gillian Bruce: That's awesome, that's awesome. Well Kelley, I am going to ask you the same question.

Kelley Babbs: I wanted to be the first female president.

Gillian Bruce: Hey, it's not too late. We need them.

Kelley Babbs: And Judge Wapner. Either one, I would've been happy with either one. Still working on both.

Gillian Bruce: I love it, you never give up, that's great. All right, so LaRon, let's talk a little bit about your journey. How did you go from wanting to be a radio broadcaster, which your dream has come true, to working in the Salesforce ecosystem? Tell me a little bit about that path.

LaRon Butler: It started way back in 1998 when I decided to join the army. I did a few years in the army, I pretty much spent most of my adult life working and serving in the military in one capacity or the other. I've been a soldier, I've been a military spouse, I've been a contractor, I've been a DOD civilian. And more recently I decided that it was time for a career change, I came back from Korea in 2016 and I decided to get into sales. As a single parent, I realized that not having a stable income was probably not the best thing to do.

LaRon Butler: My background was IT. Previously we worked on legacy systems, so Microsoft, things like that, I was the system admin then. And I needed to update my skills. So I started looking around the Internet, and I kept coming across Salesforce. And just to share, I pretty much kept calling Salesforce over and over until somebody returned my call.

Gillian Bruce: The 1-800 Salesforce Number?

LaRon Butler: Yes, leaving messages. I kept seeing courses online, and all I wanted to know was if I could use my GI bill to take the classes. So someone finally called me back, and they were like, "You're a veteran, right?" I'm like, "Yes, I want to use my GI bill." And they're like, "Well, we have a program called Vetforce, and it's free."

Gillian Bruce: Done.

LaRon Butler: Done. So I was like, "Okay." So that was really how I got connected with Vetforce. And the journey through Vetforce has been amazing, the training that's been offered to me and my counterparts. I can go on forever, so-

Gillian Bruce: I'll ask you some follow-up questions, so this is how you found Salesforce, was through Vetforce.

LaRon Butler: Through Vetforce. And I needed to update my skills because when I looked online everything said cloud computing, so I had to update the skills to come back. I had been out for two years doing real estate, and so pretty much ... I started probably almost two years ago, and it was one of those things, I didn't drink the Kool-Aid at that time, I just signed up. That's what I like to refer to it as-

Gillian Bruce: It takes a while.

LaRon Butler: So I pretty much started a few trails here and there, tinkered around, put it on pause until things got serious for me. Deals fall apart, they take forever, and financially I was in hardship. That hardship, I pretty much have been living out of my retirement for the last two years, year and a half or so. And more recently, once I got certified in October 2018 I went to my first job fair the next day. It was a military job fair held in Atlanta, and I worked the room, and I was just like, "I have to do this."

LaRon Butler: So, for all the people who may have been certified and failed, I too failed the first time. Three days later I went back and I did it again, and I was grateful that Vetforce supported me in that journey. Also, going forward one more step, I kept hearing about Merivis, this group, a lot of veterans are involved, and I was like, "How can I level up, what can I do?"

LaRon Butler: I had to borrow to get to Texas, but I got there, and I made the most of it, I met some amazing people and I see these people around the community. But just to shine light on these people in the front row, they've really made an impact. And I'm going to mention David Nava, he's been my inspiration.

Gillian Bruce: That's a familiar name to the podcast.

LaRon Butler: Absolutely, he's been my inspiration. He's hardworking, and as I interviewed - and I've done probably 40+ interviewers-

Gillian Bruce: Yeah, we're going to talk about that in a little bit, I definitely want to get that experience captured. So you got certified, you didn't pass your first time, you tried again. Congratulations, by the way, because that can be very discouraging, but you did it, and you really kind of made this a priority and are going after it.

LaRon Butler: Absolutely, there was no turning back. I was committed, I was all in.

Gillian Bruce: Okay, so we're going to pause there because I want to kind of interject in here, Kelley, some of your story as well. So how did you go ... Well actually you still want to be female president, and I fully support you. Kelley Babbs 2020, here we go.

Kelley Babbs: Awesome.

Gillian Bruce: But how did you go from wanting to do that as a child to now here you are, still wanting to do that, but working in the Salesforce ecosystem in a big way?

Kelley Babbs: So I was in the army as well, got out a long time ago. I was still a military spouse though, so still serving alongside my soldier. And we move a lot, I think a lot of people have heard that at this point. And I kept having to reinvent myself every time we moved somewhere. So I've been a correctional officer, I've been a mail clerk, I've been a teacher, I've been a teacher's assistant, I've been a cable installer, not fun.

Gillian Bruce: Nobody likes the cable installer.

Kelley Babbs: No, it's gross, there's spiders, and ... it's bad. So we moved from Massachusetts, where I had a teaching position lined up and I was so excited. We got orders, "Surprise, you're not teaching in Mass." We went to Texas and nothing transferred. I was facing taking more classes even, because I don't know Texas state history, so you can't just go take a test.

Kelley Babbs: And I was kind of exhausted, right? I felt defeated, I was like, "When am I going to have a career?" I sent a colleague at Blue Star Families an email - well, not colleague, an associate - and I said, "Hey, I'm in Texas now, if you have any volunteer opportunities, I'm not doing anything."

Kelley Babbs: And she replied back really fast, which was exciting, and she was like, "We're actually hiring for this role. It's called the Technology Fellow, and we're going to teach you this thing called Salesforce for one year." And it was part time from home, so I was like, "Okay." I was Googling Salesforce, I was like, "What is this, what's a CRM?"

Gillian Bruce: I'm still trying to figure it out myself, so ...

Kelley Babbs: Yeah, so I was like, "You know what? I like tech, okay." So I started at Blue Star Families, and it was under a training program with a certified admin. At some point they moved on to a different role, so then I kind of became an accidental admin and I was like, "Oh gosh, this is fun." So I started researching, and that's when I found Trailhead Vetforce. And I was like, "Look at this community so ready to support this random little person in Texas who's panicking right now."

Kelley Babbs: So then eventually we hired another admin, and that person really became a mentor for me, military spouse as well. She was like, "Are you in Vetforce yet?" And I'm like, "I am." So the path just kind of went from there, and I took my certification in 2016, passed, and probably I felt more accomplished with that than with college.

Gillian Bruce: That's fine, we'll take that on the podcast, absolutely.

Kelley Babbs: And then my role just kept growing from there. As the organization grew, using Salesforce kind of prepped us to scale, and we'll get into that later. But yeah, so my role's just grown, and I'm now the Technology Director of Blue Star Families, but we are heavily in the Salesforce ecosystem, so Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Social Studio all day.

Gillian Bruce: That's awesome. So, for listeners who may not know what Blue Star Families is, can you tell us a little bit about that organization?

Kelley Babbs: Yeah, absolutely. We're a chapter-based nonprofit that serves military families all over the country. Our goal is to connect military families with the civilians and the rest of their community to reduce that sense of isolation that we can feel moving all the time. We do that through a variety of resources, events, and then a lot of work in the military spouse career space because ...

Gillian Bruce: Because there's a lot of work to do, yes. That's awesome. And I know Blue Star Families has been not a stranger to the podcast. We've had Katherine Clark, who came from Blue Star Families, on the podcast twice now, once at Blue Star Families, and now in her position at Salesforce with Vetforce. So let's talk a little bit about that first Salesforce experience. LaRon, what's one of the first things that you did in Salesforce, or built in Salesforce?

LaRon Butler: It's still a work in progress. I'm trying to build a real estate ... To track all of my transactions and deals, it was like that. I still find old data that still needs to be inputted in, but that's what I try to work on.

Gillian Bruce: So you're building an app, essentially, for the business that you have experience in and have worked in. That's great. What are some of the things that you've put in the app?

LaRon Butler: I actually got the idea later on from some people, they kept saying build something that means something to, build something that's important. So how long had it been, when I first got a new client, when they were referred to me versus when we actually signed a contract, or how long the deals took? Just trying to get better at reports and things like that, and understand. It's not a large amount of data that goes in it, so that's why I say it's a work in progress.

Gillian Bruce: But that's great, it's a great way to get experience using the app, building something for what you know and capturing that instead of having it be in your head, or in an email, or, God forbid, spreadsheets, and putting that into an app. That's a great way to kind of learn and establish that knowledge.

LaRon Butler: Absolutely.

Gillian Bruce: Kelley, what's one of the first things you did in Salesforce?

Kelley Babbs: It was so basic, but I was so excited about it. We had an object that was intended to hold people interested in a certain program, but there was no lookup to the contact, so it was just contact data being rewritten. So, figuring out that what it needed was a lookup to the contact, and then building that, and then transforming all that data so that it was actually an object with a lookup to the contact, was exciting. Because prior to that we were manually putting 250 people in a campaign, and I was like, "There has to be a better way to do this."

Gillian Bruce: And that's great that that's one of the first things that you did in Salesforce, understanding, "Oh hey, we have this thing, we can make this a lot easier." That's really awesome.

Kelley Babbs: That's kind of why I drank the Kool-Aid.

Gillian Bruce: We joke about the Kool-Aid, but it's real, when you get hooked, you're hooked, right? When you see, "Oh, I can do all these things," the light goes off, the blue light maybe, I don't know.

Gillian Bruce: So LaRon, let's talk a little bit about maybe some of the hard things about learning Salesforce. You've been doing this for a couple years, trying to kind of get established, you took the Cert exam, you passed, congratulations. What were some of the hardest things about learning Salesforce as an admin?

LaRon Butler: The learning part was pretty easy. However, I wanted to use it in practical use cases, and not do the step by step, you know? So just looking for the job experience to really putting into practice what I know, and showcasing that on the next level.

Gillian Bruce: Yeah, I know for me I still have a problem sometimes with formulas because my brain doesn't work that way. I think I've retaken that Trailhead module I don't even know how many times, almost as many times as I retook Calculus in college. Anyway. But yeah, having that mind shift to understand how this works can be kind of a challenge sometimes.

LaRon Butler: Absolutely, absolutely, which is why it was important for me to get to work, not only to pay the bills, but to really showcase my talent. In my mind it's easy, I know there is some complicated work out there to be done, and I just needed the opportunity to showcase the talent and to improve my implementation skills. Sorry guys, my voice is really-

Gillian Bruce: You're doing great. A whole day of Salesforce event will do that to you. Especially if you went to Macklemore last night.

LaRon Butler: I was in the front row, I wanted to win the dance contest, so I was like screaming so he could notice me.

Gillian Bruce: Good, I'm glad that you represented well, that's what you should be doing. Some of us can't do that right now, so I'm really glad somebody did.

LaRon Butler: Yes.

Gillian Bruce: So Kelley, how about you? When you are learning to become an admin, it kind of fell into your plate. What were some of the challenges that you found along your journey?

Kelley Babbs: Validation rules. I still don't love them. My brain doesn't work in the opposite, so remembering to flip them ... I don't know, I still don't love them. But validation rules were pretty tricky for me, and also just knowing that I didn't have to know everything, accepting that, being okay with the idea that you just have to know where to find it, you don't necessarily have to know the answer. And I felt like I always had to know the answer. So overcoming that feeling of having to know it all.

Gillian Bruce: Yeah, so tell me a little bit actually about that, how did you overcome that? Because I think everyone feels that because there's so much in the platform, right?

Kelley Babbs: I'm still kind of working on that. Again, the community, right? Salesforce itself has this amazing community, and then within that we have Vetforce, which is ... amazing-er, can I say that? An amazing-er community?

Gillian Bruce: I am totally a fan of making up great words like that, yes.

Kelley Babbs: So realizing that it's not ... A lot of businesses have a very "dog eat dog" kind of mentality, and it never feels that way. I can always ask a question, I can always reach out to the success community, my Vetforce community, my friends, I can text them and be like, "Hey, how would you do this?" And that makes you feel comfortable enough to not feel like you have to know at all.

Gillian Bruce: Yeah. LaRon, anything to add to that?

LaRon Butler: That's what I'm experiencing right now. The interview process was challenging, and I thought I had to know everything, there was so much pre-studying that went along with the interview and all of that. And I'm realizing now that it's just knowing the basics, knowing where to find it, knowing how to research and get the material. And also accessing this great community of top talent that we have access to is amazing. Each and every one of these people will drop anything to help me and everyone else, it's amazing.

Gillian Bruce: That's the power of the Salesforce community, and it's especially strong within the Vetforce community, is what I've found as well.

Gillian Bruce: All right, so let's talk a little bit about being an Awesome Admin. We talk a lot about how being an Awesome Admin is an amazing career. They're my favorite people, so there's that, but let's talk about some qualities that you think help people become an Awesome Admin. What are your favorite parts of being an admin? LaRon?

LaRon Butler: The commitment to getting it done. Just knowing that you don't know, but it still has to get done, and being resourceful. Pretty much.

Gillian Bruce: Yeah, you get to solve problems, right?

LaRon Butler: Absolutely. And knowing, when your customer's happy, that you got it done for them. I look at other examples in my community, we have admin Ella [inaudible 00:21:00] in our community, and I know that she's the go-to for her people, and just the satisfaction ... I haven't had the opportunity just yet to be that for my team members, but I will be very soon.

Gillian Bruce: That's great. And Kelley, how about you? Because you started your career as an admin. What's one of your favorite parts of being in that role?

Kelley Babbs: It's when you either identify a need or someone brings a need to you, and the thinking through it, the problem solving. I love all those parts and those are all super duper important. But then when you give it to them, and that look on their face when they're like, "You're the Wizard of Oz. "And I'm like, "Yeah, I am."

Gillian Bruce: Yeah, you can brag about that. What's the word again?

Kelley Babbs: Wizard of Oz.

Gillian Bruce: Wizard of Oz, yes. Love it.

Kelley Babbs: But just the satisfaction and the joy, it's actual joy when you make someone's work life a little easier. And I love to do that, I still love to do that today. Catherine and I used to work together and I would steal things from her, I'd be like, "I know you're the Admin, but I want to build, give me something to build." So yeah, it's making people happy.

Gillian Bruce: That's great, that's a good motivation to be an admin. And I think the feeling that you're helping people do their job better, or make their lives easier, is really core to what I've heard in every Awesome Admin, right? I mean, you're making people happy, who doesn't like to do that?

LaRon Butler: Absolutely.

Gillian Bruce: I mean, if you don't like to do that ... I'm sure there's a few, you don't want to know those people.

Kelley Babbs: They're not Awesome Admins.

Gillian Bruce: So we're going to take a quick little one-minute break because, as you all know, we don't like doing super long episodes on the Salesforce Admins Podcast, do we? So we're going to take a quick break and we're going to shift gears into talking a little bit more about career, what it takes to be an Awesome Admin, getting hired, and interviewing, and all that good stuff.

Gillian Bruce: Huge thanks to both LaRon and Kelley for being brave and hopping on the stage at TrailheaDX with me to do a live recording in front of a live audience for this podcast. We are going to continue the discussion next week when we talk a little bit more about what it's like to actually get that job as an Awesome Admin, both from a Hiring Manager perspective, from Kelley's point of view, and from LaRon's point of view who is currently in the process, talking about really what makes an Awesome Admin and how you can attain that role.

Gillian Bruce: For some of the highlights from the panel that you just listened to, I wanted to focus on the power of the community. Both LaRon and Kelley absolutely used the power of the Salesforce community by learning about Vetforce, getting involved, and really taking charge of the trajectory of their career, seeing the opportunity that Vetforce helped them get exposed to Salesforce, get those skills connecting with other people in the Vetforce community.

Gillian Bruce: Both of them made it very, very clear that the 'ohana, the other people they've met, were the ones that kept pushing them and inspiring them to pursue their career and to take those big leaps. Transitioning from a military career to a technology career can be very intimidating. A lot of the things like, "Hey, I've never had to interview, I've never had to put together a resume, but I've got all these great project management skills and things that I've learned being in the military. How do I translate that? How do I transfer that?" And both LaRon and Kelley really used the power of the Vetforce community to help them through that.

Gillian Bruce: There were also some challenges that they found in learning how to become a Salesforce admin, and a lot of that was fear of just not knowing the right thing, not knowing the answer. And they, again, overcame that with the power of the community and the relationships that they made in the Vetforce community.

Gillian Bruce: Understanding how you can go find the answer if you don't know the answer on the top of your head is very important. Definitely make sure that you think about shifting your mindset from having to know all the answers to being able to leverage that amazing community that you build in the process of learning Salesforce.

Gillian Bruce: And some final tips about being an Awesome Admin. Being resourceful is so key to your success, both LaRon and Kelley made that very clear. Being able to solve problems of your customer and make them happy. Whether your customer is your end user, your executive, or an actual customer buying something from your company, your whole job is an Awesome Admin is to make them happy.

Gillian Bruce: And so being committed to getting that done is very important, I think that's one of the huge traits that you find in a lot of the Vetforce community members: being committed, not giving up, being tenacious. That's definitely a huge value that will serve you well in Salesforce ecosystem as well.

Gillian Bruce: So if you want to learn a little bit more about some of the things we chatted about in this discussion, make sure you check out Vetforce. It is a great resource for military and their spouses to learn about Salesforce, to understand about the Salesforce ecosystem, how to get jobs and training. Even if you're not in the military or a military spouse, this is a great place for you to learn more about the program, how you can help out, how you can get involved.

Gillian Bruce: Maybe even hire a Vetforce member, they are very skilled and very awesome hires. As you can see, LaRon, she got hired between the time we recorded this at TrailheaDX and its going live today. You can definitely understand that these are highly in demand, skilled, very talented workers, so make sure you look at the Vetforce community if you're trying to build out your Salesforce team.

Gillian Bruce: I also put the link to Blue Star Families in the show notes, so if you are interested in learning more about that incredible organization that helps out the military community, you can check that out. That's where Kelley is the Technology Director. And if you want to learn a little bit more about specifically strengthening and diversifying your workforce with military veterans, we have a trail for that.

Gillian Bruce: So go onto Trailhead, I've put the link in the show notes for that trail. It teaches you all kinds of things about the special skills that the military can bring to your organization, about how to reach out to that community, and about hiring maybe military spouses. Especially in the Salesforce community, working remote is a huge possibility because all you've got to do is really have a computer to do most of the work, and have an Internet connection.

Gillian Bruce: And for a lot of these military families, they have to bounce around a lot, and like in both Kelley's story and LaRon's story, being able to be mobile is one of the greatest things that they realized, the flexibility they could have with the Salesforce ecosystem. So definitely check out those resources.

Gillian Bruce: If you want to learn more about becoming an Awesome Admin, make sure you go to where you can find blogs, webinars, events, and even more podcasts like this one. And in fact, if you like this podcast, I highly encourage you to subscribe, to share it with your friends. We are on all the platforms, you name a platform, we are on it. iTunes or Apple Podcasts, Google Play, SoundCloud, iHeartRadio, Spotify, You name it, we're on it. If you have a platform we're not on, let us know. But make sure you subscribe so you get the latest and greatest episodes delivered directly to your platform or device of choice the moment they are released.

Gillian Bruce: Also a reminder, one thing that both Kelley and LaRon talked about was getting certified. It is a great goal for you to have. So not only can you use Trailhead to learn about very specific skills, but it's also a great way to prepare for your certification. If you've got no certifications or you've got 20 certifications, I still encourage you to make it a goal to get certified before the end of the year. It is a great way to show off your skills, to learn more in the process as you study. Getting Salesforce certified opens many, many doors for you in your career.

Gillian Bruce: If you want to find us on Twitter, we are on there @salesforceadmns, No I. Our guests today where LaRon, she is @LaRonMarkets__c, and you can find our other guest, Kelley, @kbabbs, that's K-B-A-B-B-S, 77. Both those links are in the show notes, and as always you can find myself @gilliankbruce. Thank you so much for listening to this episode, and we'll catch you next time in the cloud.

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