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This week on the Salesforce Admins Podcast, we’re bringing on Donald Bohrisch, Director of Practices and Alliances at MST Solutions, Group Leader for the Phoenix Admins User Group, and a trainer in the Salesforce Military program. We learn about how he’s combined his passion with his career to build the Audi Army App.

Join us as we talk about the apps he’s built for work and for fun, how building an app has helped him learn about Salesforce Object Creator, and why jumping into events in the Salesforce ecosystem is so important.

You should subscribe for the full episode, but here are a few takeaways from our conversation with Donald Bohrisch.

Giving back through the Trailhead Military program.

When we sat down with Donald, he had actually just recently been promoted from Salesforce Senior Architect to Director of Practices and Alliances. “But outside of my 9 to 5, I also run the Phoenix Salesforce Administrator Group,” he says, “and I help out with the Salesforce Military program that trains up veterans and their spouses in the Salesforce ecosystem.”

This program, which used to called Vetforce, holds a near and dear place in Donald’s heart because it’s how he first got involved with the platform to begin with. Using Trailhead Military, the Salesforce Military program helps people work their way through the ecosystem. You can train for a specific position like Salesforce Consultant or Salesforce Developer, “or you can even start with Admin and then work your way through the career ecosystem,” Donald says.

Building an app to learn the rules of the road.

If you listened to last week’s episode, you might discover a certain similarity between Donald and last week’s guest, Nick Lindberg: the need for speed. Mike and Donald met at Dreamforce 2019, where Mike couldn’t help but notice some racecars on the slides for his presentation. As a fellow gearhead, the next logical step was clearly to bring him on the pod to geek out. Donald just got accepted into NASA—that’s the National Auto Sport Association and not the space agency—and he’ll be working his way up through their tiers in the near future.

“I combined my passions for Salesforce and working and running cars on tracks,” Donald says, “and utilizing the Salesforce platform, I’ve been able to keep track of which races me and my team have been to; where we place in those events; who our sponsors are; and—just like you do with sales—I keep track of our leads that might eventually become sponsors and our interactions with our current sponsors.” After his first Salesforce app he used to track his troops in the Army National Guard, the Audi Army App feeds into his passion which gives him endless patience to tweak it and learn more.

Catch Donald on TV tomorrow (no really).

“As you work your way from an Admin all the way up to being an Architect,” Donald says, it’s not always so much about remembering how to do something, “it’s reutilizing what Salesforce provides out of the box, and learning how to properly use the data models, objects, and fields that come with Salesforce.” In other words, it’s about thoroughly understanding the best practices so you’re not having to recreate a bunch of custom objects to get it to do what you want it to do.

For Donald, the next step is getting the Lightning Object Creator involved. He’s working on a NASCAR Truck Series pit crew, so he’s tweaking the Audi Army App to help his team keep track of everything. If you listen to this episode the day it comes out, tomorrow (February 21st) you might be able to catch Donald in the pit for trucks 33 and 34. 



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