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This week on the podcast, we talk to Melinda Smith and Kristi Guzman of the TwoWIT Podcast. It has been superb to see what electrifying content and exciting guests they have built up for themselves since they began podcasting.

Join us as Kristi and Melinda share their Salesforce history, how that led to starting a podcast, and all the things that were imperative for their podcasting success.

You should subscribe for the full episode, but here are a few takeaways from our conversation with Kristi and Melinda:


TwoWIT podcaster chemistry.

Kristi and Melinda are two peas in a pod. “We met and clicked, and obviously liked talking," Kristi confesses.

Melinda initially wanted to do a blog, but Kristi brought up the idea of them doing a podcast together – the type of podcast where they could be “the witty aunts."

The TwoWIT podcast takes on a fun and different angle by also featuring non-Salesforce things.

As Melinda says “It helps that we have similar ideas about what we want it to be, what we want to talk about, and the flexibility to change — I think it's worked well so far."


The power of Twitter.

Twitter and the Salesforce Success Community have been very helpful for answering questions. It is important to see other people who have experienced things that are similar to what you may need as an admin.

As Kristi shares, “I Google a lot of things to have answers and blogs that people have written because they figured something out and wanted to share it. It’s great to see other people, read the release notes, and get the highlights from them.”

“I realized that the community talk a lot on Twitter, and I made a point to get on it and spend time there. It’s kind of interesting, the friendships you can forge on Twitter,” says Melinda. It’s also a validating feeling to know that other people have asked a similar question before — it can make you feel like you are not alone and that you are on the right path.


The GIF Squad.

The GIF Squad consists of eleven Salesforce members who only communicate through GIFs. They first met on Twitter, and the group eventually merged into a Direct Message channel. The GIF Squad developed into a helpful community who made a point of it to get together at Dreamforce 2016.

They wanted to know how they could give back, so they decided to sell cost-effective shirts and give the proceeds to STEM research. The GIF Squad chose to support I.AM.ANGEL — a foundation that transforms lives through education and they’ve just released another fun t-shirt design. As Melinda points out, “to give back is a nice way to validate all the ridiculous time you spend on Twitter sometimes. Let’s do it for good.”


Dive in with Lightning.

How did Melinda approach Lightning? Well, she jumped in with both feet, of course. She believes that you need to go in and commit. "Be here now, be in Lightning." You’ll be amazed how easy it is to transfer those skill sets.


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