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Today on the Salesforce Admins Podcast we chat with Carlos Umana, Principle Business System Analyst at BMC Software, to kick off the Behind the Customer Stories series for the Admin Keynote at Dreamforce. We’ll learn how he champions productivity in his large organization, and how he picked up admin skills from a developer background.

Join us as we talk about how using the declarative has helped Carlos create scalable solutions for his large organization, and the secret to collaborating with a large team.

You should subscribe for the full episode, but here are a few takeaways from our conversation with Carlos Umana.

Going from dev to admin.

Carlos started off working at a mortgage company working in research and development, working with smaller CRM tools like Act!. As soon as Carlos and his team found Salesforce, they knew that they had what they needed. “It was hard for me because we were a 100% custom shop from day one,” Carlos says.

“My background is on development, so I had to go from thinking about code to the admin model of clicks, not code,” Carlos says. “That was a game changer because of the scalability of it,” he says. Picking up those skills was tricky, but resources like the Buttonclick Admin and Jeff Douglas “helped me translate that from a technical perspective,” he says. Trailhead arrived a little later in the journey, but it was obvious to Carlos how great of a resource it was from day one.

Working effectively on a team.

BMC is a big organization, so we wanted to know what strategies Carlos uses to manage a big team of admins. “Managing SFDC is a team effort,” he says, “one of the challenges is that there’s a lot of change approval— we need to consider all business units.” There are a lot of different stakeholders, so they need to rely on each other to make sure that they’re supporting everyone.

Governance is tricky over such a large organization. Carlos and his team have a monthly meeting with stakeholders to go over the requests from each business unit. That can lead to adjustments or changes in how the work gets done. “We’re an Agile shop, so we try to deliver iteratively and as fast as possible,” he says, so they can vet everything and refine it. “Sometimes you just need to rely on the people around you and hear them out,” he says.

Carlos’ productivity tips.

Keeping productive with all of these different demands on his attention is tricky, but Carlos keeps his priorities straight. “I try to create a checklist for what I want to accomplish today, where if I only finish this I feel like it was a good day at work,” he says. “I know I have to complete 55,000 things, but these four today would make me feel good.”

As far as favorite apps that help Carlos get more done, he’s a big fan of SalesEdge by Savo, which renders content in your opportunity based on the stage that you’re in. LeadData lead-to-account matching has also been really helpful for leveraging account information on the lead. Finally, Andy and the Cloud’s Declarative Rollup Summaries tool, which improve customization and give the reps the information they need.

What’s “development” in Spanish?

Carlos originally joined the Salesforce Latin America Community to just keep up with what was going on in that region. He’s bilingual, and so he figured he could keep up with the conversation. He noticed, however, that a lot of questions in Spanish were going unanswered. He thought to himself, “I know Spanish, I know the answer to this question, why don’t I just answer this?”

“But when I answered it I noticed there were certain words that were tricky,” Carlos says, and he started to research the translations for Salesforce-specific terms. He’s still working on a specific glossary, but he’s learning and helping people with their problems, too.

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