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Another month, another retro on the Salesforce Admins Podcast. In this episode, we’ll go over all the top Salesforce product, community, and careers content for June. This monthly, a lot of that content was centered around a little something called TrailheaDX.

You should subscribe for the full episode, but here are a few takeaways from our conversation between Gillian and Mike.

A big announcement

If you haven’t noticed the link at the bottom of the last couple episodes, YOU CAN GET PODCAST SWAG. You can get a cool Salesforce Admins Podcast shirt, a Cloudy plushy with his own mini #AwesomeAdmin sweater, or even a custom mic if you want to host your own show. It’s US-only for now, but EMEA and APAC SKUs are coming soon!

Shoutouts to Jonathan Foerster and Jane Elliott, who’ve already gotten in on the action.

Friday, June 5th: Post TrailheaDX Coffee Chat on Twitter Spaces

The entire Admin Evangelist team will be on a Twitter Space on Mike’s handle (@MikeGerholdt) for a post-TrailheaDX conversation. It’s a lot easier to participate on mobile, so we recommend checking it out from there. Think of it like running into us after an in-person event at the airport lounge (or the bar).

TrailheaDX podcast episodes

There were tons of great highlights from TrailheaDX. We kicked things off with an amazing performance from Fitz and the Tantrums, followed by appearances by Parker Harris, Leah McGowen-Hare, and our own LeeAnne Rime showcasing some amazing innovations with our technology.

If you missed it, don’t worry, it’ll be available early next week online for you to catch up. We had a lot of the speakers visit the pod throughout June, so those episodes would be a good place to start.

Podcasts about snakes

Make sure to listen to the full episode for our monthly gameshow. This time, it’s TDX or DTX. One thing that came up was the science of snakes, so we wanted to point you to a couple of our favorite science podcasts.

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Full Show Transcript

Gillian Bruce: Welcome to the Salesforce Admins Podcast and the June, or should we say TrailheaDX monthly retro for 2021. I'm your host, Gillian Bruce, and in this episode, we will review the top product, community, and careers content for June, which also contained a little something we call TrailheaDX. And to help me do that, I am joined by the one and only Mike Gerholdt. Hey Mike.

Mike Gerholdt: Hey Gillian. My calendar doesn't say June, it just says TrailheaDX.

Gillian Bruce: Yeah, I think that's the permanent renaming of the month of June.

Mike Gerholdt: April, May, TrailheaDX, July, August.

Gillian Bruce: That's pretty much the way the calendar works. Yes. I mean, Mike, before we get into content, I have to make a huge shout-out because, oh my gosh, in case people haven't already realized you can get podcast swag, Salesforce Admins Podcast swag. Mike, I know you've been sharing out a lot of links to remind people that you can go get podcast swag, but on the Trailhead store, we have some really cool Salesforce Admins Podcast items that anyone can order. And, I think you have a little fun announcement.

Mike Gerholdt: I do. So truth be told, I've ordered everything on the store for podcast swag. I'm wearing my podcast shirt right now. I love wearing it down the street. It gets so much attention. I was sitting at a neighbor's house in the backyard and they're like, now, Salesforce, what do you do? And I had the podcast shirt on, it was like, well, actually this is my podcast shirt that I host and it's a pod... And it was just fabulous, it was one of those times where it was fun. But for those listening, I hear you, EMEA and APAC does not have enough swag in your store. So I pulled all the email I could, and I'm happy to say that there's more skews coming to the EMEA and APAC store for podcast swag.

Gillian Bruce: Yeah. So, that means it's not just going to be limited to those ordering within the US, which is very exciting. So yeah, if you've been over on another continent and been wanting to get some Salesforce Admins Podcast swag, you're going to have more, it's going to be great.

Mike Gerholdt: More, more, and shout-out to Jonathan Forrester. I think I'm saying your name right, Forrester, Forrester.

Gillian Bruce: Yeah, I believe he actually submitted a no silly questions video.

Mike Gerholdt: Perfect. Did he drink coffee from his podcast tumbler mug?

Gillian Bruce: This was pre Salesforce Admins swag being available, so-

Mike Gerholdt: Okay. That's fine. You're forgiven, but yeah. Thanks for tweeting out the picture of the mug.

Gillian Bruce: The mug is awesome. I will say that I love my mug because I sip it on video calls and people are like, "Hey, what is that?"

Mike Gerholdt: Isn't that the podcast you're on? That's a sweet mug. And shout-out to Jane Elliott who went with a heather gray podcast shirt. I went with the blue and I totally hear you on the stiffness of the shirt, but I like the really rainbowy, cloudy, so I went with that.

Gillian Bruce: Yeah. I mean, speaking of cloudy, there's also a cloudy plushy with a Salesforce Admins Podcast shirt on it, which is amazing.

Mike Gerholdt: Yeah, I have that too, yep. Got that too. It's over with my other plushy stuffed animal collection.

Gillian Bruce: I mean, at Salesforce, we are obsessed with our swag. So if you're looking to add more to your collection, check out the Salesforce Admins Podcast Swag on the Trailhead store.

Mike Gerholdt: Yep, moving right along. So if you're listening to this pod on Thursday, June..

Gillian Bruce: 24th.

Mike Gerholdt: Was it 24th? Awesome. Look at that, get the date right, Mike. We will be hosting, I will be hosting tomorrow, Friday, June 25th on my Twitter handle, a Twitter space and we're calling it Post-TrailheaDX Coffee Chat on Twitter Spaces. And joining me is the whole Evangelist team. So LeeAnne will be there, Gillian, you're going to be there, and I'll be there. It's going to be awesome.

Gillian Bruce: Yeah. And I think Jay and Jen might even be able to join us as well, our two new team members, which will be really fun. So yeah, it'll be a great kind of a post-Trailhead DX coming together, chatting about fun stuff, whatever you want. Don't be scared. It's a coffee chat. Even if you got something that's not even directly related to Salesforce Admins anything, come be with us, we miss people.

Mike Gerholdt: And lessons learned from the last Twitter Spaces that we did, we'll tell you how to request to speak.

Gillian Bruce: Yeah. Pro tip, use your mobile device to join us because it's way easier to participate in Twitter Spaces via your mobile device than on your desktop. So, that's something we learned. Every time we do these things, we learn more, it's great.

Mike Gerholdt: Yeah. So think of it like, when you would run into us at the airport lounge after TrailheaDX as we're all getting on flights...

Gillian Bruce: Definitely not the bar because there's no alcohol...

Mike Gerholdt: And you're like oh, hey, we never had time to chat. And we can catch up, it'll be a fun Twitter space.

Gillian Bruce: Yeah. If you've never done a Twitter space before, it's super easy. It's audio-only, and literally, it's just an audio-only kind of chat room situation. So everyone is welcome, it's super easy to participate. There's no planned agenda or anything, we'll just be chatting about stuff and things. And yeah, just to kind of a fun way to connect. So, join us if you can.

Mike Gerholdt: Gillian, let's talk about TrailheaDX, The big thing that we did yesterday.

Gillian Bruce: Yeah, there's a little thing that just happened called TrailheaDX. So, it's our annual, now annual, I guess it's been six times now, it's crazy we've been doing this for six... This is the sixth TrailheaDX. So, we call it our developer conference, but it's really for basically all of our technical folks. So it's for admins, it's for architects, it's for developers, for IT leaders. And wow, it was quite a broadcast. So, we kicked off the day bright and early at 8:45 AM Pacific time with an amazing performance from Fitz and The Tantrums, so hopefully you were able to join us for that. And then we had a great, amazing main show, where Parker Harris, Leah McGowen-Hare, and all kinds of special guests, including our very own LeeAnne Rimel, showcase some amazing innovations with our technology.
If you missed it, don't worry. It will be available. It probably won't be available until early next week because the team needs some time to kind of sort things out. But, I mean, this is basically our TrailheaDX main show here to kind of kick off the day, really great customer stories, some really cool stuff that you're definitely going to want to be able to watch and tune into if you didn't already catch it yesterday. And, then I mean, then it got real, because then we launched our five channel broadcast.

Mike Gerholdt: Yeah, not one or two or three, but five channel.

Gillian Bruce: Apparently Salesforce is now a TV station, or not a station, a network because we've got five channels.

Mike Gerholdt: Yeah, well, many networks, right? Five channels. Yeah. So, Admin channel was channel two and we had four sessions and a Meet the Teams episode. So for those listening, you know that we've had a lot of the speakers on throughout June. So kicking off just last week, we had Ashley Simmons and David Louie on that kicked off the channel, talking about MuleSoft Composer, which I will tell you again, if you've not listened to that episode, our whole team is excited for Composer because now you're able to do stuff and really bring that customer 360 in with integrations and not having to worry about code. Composer's just so cool. And, the UI is really great and it's all inside Salesforce. So you get to see that demo. I also love the-, let's see if you're listening to this and maybe you didn't hear it, there's an Easter egg and it's a superhero Easter egg in that, so go back and watch that. And if you've watched the episode, you know what I'm talking about,
The second episode that we had was LeeAnne. So, on top of Gillian, you being everywhere, LeeAnne was apparently everywhere. She was in the Keynote, she was also in an episode, but she worked with Sonia Flamm, who is the executive director for Salesforce Strategy & Partner Alliance lead at Cognizant ATG to talk about returning to work and really just kind of returning to the office. So, I know we're going through a lot of this at Salesforce, I'm sure a lot of our listeners are, and I love this episode because it's a great interview style with a demo that shows you how Sonia was the lead admin at her organization to really drive that RTO or return to the office as she called it. And I love putting admins in that position. I love it when we're in the driver's seat.

Gillian Bruce: It's a really great episode. It's a really great, powerful story. I think everyone can get something from watching that episode. So if you did miss it, don't worry. You'll be able to go back and view it. But Mike, like you said, this is relevant to everyone right now because everyone's trying to figure out some sort of return to office strategy. So, check it out.

Mike Gerholdt: I was at a hotel the other weekend and they had stickers on the floor of the elevator where you could stand and couldn't stand.

Gillian Bruce: Yup, I think we're all so used to looking down at the floor to see where we're supposed to be now.

Mike Gerholdt: I know. Good, long overdue. So smack dab in the middle of our channel, we did a live broadcast called Meet the Teams where you get to talk with the automation team. So Diana Jaffe, Antoine Cabot, and let's see, Alex Edelstein was on there. We talked Flow Orchestrator, we took your questions live. I mean, that was, it's always nice to throw in a live segment in the middle of a broadcast just to keep the team on its toes.

Gillian Bruce: Yeah. I don't know anything about that, Mike.

Mike Gerholdt: Right.

Gillian Bruce: You're live every single break with a bunch of amazing trailblazers from around the world. So, that's how we roll.

Mike Gerholdt: Yeah. Why have a safety net, who needs one?

Gillian Bruce: But no, I mean, automation is a hugely important topic for everyone in Salesforce space, especially as admins. So, it was great to get all those experts together in one spot and get some questions answered.

Mike Gerholdt: And then Gillian, of course, you helped out with security for admins episode, which followed Meet the Teams, Laura Pelkey and Kerry Schoepfle talk. That was fun.

Gillian Bruce: It's Kerry Schoepfle.

Mike Gerholdt: Did I say that? I said that wrong.

Gillian Bruce: It's okay. It was my episode, it's fine.

Mike Gerholdt: Do you want to talk about your episode?

Gillian Bruce: Yeah, sure. So, I mean, it's security, again, something that's near and dear to every admin's core, core duties as an admin, right. What's great is that Laura and Kerry really broke it down into some really simple steps where there's actually a checklist that you can all access by going to so that you can make sure that you have the follow-along guide to help make sure that you are taking all the appropriate steps to become a security champion in your organization. And, Kerry specifically talked about her journey of setting up a multi-factor authentication or MFA at her organization, which we will all need to do by February 2022. God, why was that a tongue twister, but February 2022, every Salesforce organization must enable multifactor authentication because it's the easiest way to secure the data in your org. We all know how important that is given all of the news lately about all these crazy ransomware attacks and hackers and whatnot. So, it's really important to do, and Kerry and Laura lay out some easy ways for you to get going.

Mike Gerholdt: Yeah, and Kerry also sets the bar for work-from-home backgrounds.

Gillian Bruce: Okay, her entire office is painted Salesforce blue, I mean, come on. That's next level.

Mike Gerholdt: I know, seriously. I have blue foam, that's pretty close.

Gillian Bruce: It's pretty good, pretty good.

Mike Gerholdt: So then we rounded out the channel and I hope, I hope, I hope if you're listening to this podcast that you have some FOMO because you really want to go back and watch Drive Sales Productivity with AI and Activity Capture. And if you missed it, you need to go back and watch it. It sounds like a salesy, not for Salesforce admins episode. This is the episode I, on top of the whole channel, produced. And, Krithika Viswanathan and Matthew Barnhart put together an amazing demo to show you how to enable Sales Cloud Einstein. And most importantly, what we've been hearing from all of the user groups is yeah, but how do I get Einstein Activity Capture up and running, that in the demo, Matthew walks you through, layering it on the Sales Cloud Einstein, and Matthew's just the sweetest guy. Krithika kicks off the episode, it's super fun. I hope you did not skip this episode, and if you did better have a good reason.

Gillian Bruce: Yeah, it's one I think that people will go back and view several times because I do think it is incredibly valuable. So, stay tuned early next week, I bet they will be available. And, if you missed it, you should definitely check it out.

Mike Gerholdt: Yep. Yep. And how about that? We did a whole bunch of sessions and you didn't see a single slide except during Meet the Teams. So, nothing but people talking at you and demos because that's what I wanted.

Gillian Bruce: Yeah, it was so much great content. Also, if you were able to tune in live yesterday, you got a special treat with a live Luminary session with Mindy Kaling and Leah McGowen-Hare, which was pretty amazing. And then, we had a true to the core session with our senior leaders at Salesforce. So hopefully, you were able to tune in and get some questions answered, and yeah, check out the recordings that are coming early next week. It should be really great. And, thank you so much for joining us for those of you who did and who were active on Twitter and it's TrailheaDX '21, that's a wrap.

Mike Gerholdt: I'm still catching up on Twitter.

Gillian Bruce: I don't think it's ever possible to fully catch up.

Mike Gerholdt: It's just, it's fire hose coming at ya.

Gillian Bruce: Yeah.

Mike Gerholdt: But anyway, I happen to think, Gillian for all of these retros, we've been doing something fun every month and...

Gillian Bruce: Yes, we have.

Mike Gerholdt: It dawned on me that we often, the hashtag for TrailheaDX is TDX, for Dreamforce this last year it was DTX, so I happen to think what if we played a game called TDX or DTX?

Gillian Bruce: Okay, I like it, because I do mess those up all the time when I'm talking about the various events.

Mike Gerholdt: I mean there's a T, a D, and an X in there. It's just, that really matters the order that you put it in.

Gillian Bruce: Yes.

Mike Gerholdt: I've picked three descriptions and you tell me, is it TDX or DTX?

Gillian Bruce: So, these are things that go by either one of those acronyms?

Mike Gerholdt: Yes.

Gillian Bruce: Okay. All right. I'm ready.

Mike Gerholdt: Okay. So is it TDX or DTX? First description, five-piece electric drum set with silicone rubber pads and four symbols.

Gillian Bruce: This sounds like a lot of fun. Also, the electronic drum set sounds a lot quieter than an actual drum set. I might have to keep that in mind as my child gets older.

Mike Gerholdt: Right, you should probably hook headphones up to it.

Gillian Bruce: Oh, yes. Well, let's see, since it's a drum set, I'm going to guess it probably starts with a D, so I'm going to go with DTX.

Mike Gerholdt: You would be correct. It is the Yamaha DTX Electronic Drum Set.

Gillian Bruce: Okay, I like it. All right. One for one.

Mike Gerholdt: One for one, batting a thousand. Okay, DTX or TDX? Accelerate your ability to create consumer-grade experiences.

Gillian Bruce: God, that sounds like a bunch of marketing jargon, sounds like fluff to me, Mike. We're good stuff, no fluff here in the admin land. Accelerate your ability to create customer-grade experiences. I don't know. Just for the heck of it, I guess I'll go TDX.

Mike Gerholdt: You would be also correct, ding, ding, ding. It is the description part of the description for Omnis Studio demo.

Gillian Bruce: Okay, well, there you go.

Mike Gerholdt: I couldn't include all of the description, because it clearly would have called out what it was. Okay, that's two of three. Can you bat a thousand? I suppose that's the-

Gillian Bruce: Let me stretch it out here, I'm ready.

Mike Gerholdt: Baseball term. Hit a home run.

Gillian Bruce: Yeah.

Mike Gerholdt: So, last one. Is it TDX or DTX? It is a class of snake neurotoxin.

Gillian Bruce: Yikes. This is where I'm going to drop the super nerdy podcast I listened to in the last few months about neurotoxins and snake venom, anti-venom.

Mike Gerholdt: Oh, yeah.

Gillian Bruce: It's crazy. You know that they create most of antivenom by using cows?

Mike Gerholdt: Really?

Gillian Bruce: Yeah.

Mike Gerholdt: What do the cows have to do?

Gillian Bruce: The cows make the antibodies that help fight the venom and then we harvest it from them and then create antivenom, anyway.

Mike Gerholdt: What they just tell the cow to do it or-

Gillian Bruce: No, no, it's all injected. They basically inject tiny amounts of venom into the cow, and then they don't die because it's just a tiny amount and they produce it. Or maybe it's horses, it's horses. Sorry, it's horses. Anyway, total rabbit hole. Okay, class of snake neurotoxin. Maybe since it's a toxin, it starts with T, so TDX.

Mike Gerholdt: Oh, so close, no, it's DTX. It's actually, God knows how you say this, dendrotoxin.

Gillian Bruce: Okay, all right.

Mike Gerholdt: Often referred to as DTX.

Gillian Bruce: Okay, well, that's good to know. Any idea which snake makes that neurotoxin? `

Mike Gerholdt: No, but I'll link to the Wikipedia article, and people can read about it. I was just trying to find a really hard description to trip you up.

Gillian Bruce: That's great. Yeah, I'll put the link to my super nerdy podcast I listened to about how you create antivenom, just because I dropped that.

Mike Gerholdt: With the horse.

Gillian Bruce: With the horse, yeah.

Mike Gerholdt: Of course.

Gillian Bruce: And, we've been making it the same way for like a hundred years, it's crazy.

Mike Gerholdt: Hmm. You'd think we could find a better way.

Gillian Bruce: I know, well, that's what the podcast is about.

Mike Gerholdt: That's what Salesforce needs, they need to manage that with Salesforce.

Gillian Bruce: I mean maybe, maybe.

Mike Gerholdt: It's the snake toxin. Okay. Well, I hope you like TDX, DTX.

Gillian Bruce: That was fun, thank you. I appreciate it. I learned some new things.

Mike Gerholdt: Drum set, snake venom. If you'd like to learn about all things Salesforce Admin, not drum sets or snake venom, go to to find the links and many resources, including the ones like the podcast Gillian listens to. You can stay up to date with us on social for all things admins. We are @SalesforceAdmns, no I on Twitter. I am on Twitter @MikeGerholdt and Gillian is @gilliankbruce. So with that, thanks for tuning into our post-TrailheaDX / June monthly retro. And if you're listening to this on a Thursday, we will see you tomorrow in our Twitter Spaces. And don't forget to jump on over to the TrailheaDX store, grab some of that sweet Salesforce Admins Podcast swag. And with that, we'll see you in the cloud.

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